League Events

As well as the regular season schedule of games the NW also offers three additional events.

In 2004 the league began to offer Opening Day Tournaments and All star games. Opening Day Tournaments are held the Saturday before the beginning of the regular season schedule. Each division hosts their own tournament at one of the team's home centre. These tournaments offer a chance for teams to get in some practice matches and if necessary finalize their rosters. It is also a chance for coaches and players to meet the other participants in their division. Often the games are played under relaxed rules and there is no final game or champion declared. Each division also offers an All star game, usually at the mid point of their regular season. The All Star game is hosted by one of the teams at their home ball park. Rosters are organized by the divisional convenor and the respective team coaches. These games offer the opportunity for the NW to showcase the softball skills of its best ball players as well ad promoting the community spirit of our league. Often the host makes an extra effort to make this a special event for the players and fans.

The NW league season culminates with the final divisional Championship Tournaments. Usually these are double knock out formats and the league awards gold, silver and bronze medallions to the top finishing teams. The top team is also awarded possession of the league divisional trophy for the upcoming season. Depending on the number of teams in each division and the quality of teams the convenor consults with his coaches at mid season to confirm the final playoff format. In certain situations, divisions have been divided into A and B sections or a round robin has replaced the double knock out format. Efforts are made to do what would work best for a division in any particular season.

All the above league events are organized in the spirit of fair play and friendly competitive spirit. The NW strives for the coaches, players and fans to work together to promote our game of softball and for our players to learn good skills, get good exercise and have fun!