General League Meetings

At present General League Meetings are held four-five times a year. Meetings are attended by reps from each of the league's participating centres and led by the executive. At present the executive consists of the president, past president, treasurer, secretary and divisional convenors. General meetings in recent years have been held at the Hillside Park Clubhouse in Waterloo.

The first meeting in mid- March reviews and updates out league constitution and bylaws. At the second meeting in mid April teams affiliate their teams for the upcoming season. As well, efforts are made to finalize hosts for Opening Day, All star games and Championship tournaments. The first week of May has the Coaches Meeting included in the General Meeting. League Schedules and rules are distributed and coaches meet with their convenor and each other to discuss the parameters for the upcoming season. If necessary a fourth meeting is held the end of July to discuss the season's progress and finalize plans for the year end Championship tournaments. A final wrap up general meeting is held in mid September to evaluate the success of the past season, make recommendations for improvement to the next season and elect executive members where necessary. Centre contacts are kept updated by e-mail as to meeting dates, agendas and minutes.

Proposed General Meeting Dates for 2013 (all meetings at Hillside Park Clubhouse, Waterloo 7 pm start unless you hear differently)

  1. Wednesday, March 27th
  2. Wednesday, April 24th
  3. Wednesday, May 8th
  4. Wednesday, September 11th